Artists: the future innovation leaders?

In the ever ongoing search for innovation Artists can certainly provide new ideas to companies by bringing in their ability to think differently including emotions! The innovation journey will be surprising and truly rewarding with engagement from both parties. But what does it take to succeed?

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October 25, 2018: 17.00-19.00 (05.00-07.00 pm) Paris time
October 26, 2018: 17.00-19.00 (05.00-07.00 pm) Paris time



Two Insightful Episodes: on October 25 & 26, 2018 

 This second event in Art & Innovation series will continue to explore the creative and powerful new field of collaboration for great innovations.

We welcome Agathe de Rocca-Serra, Contemporary Art Consultant, as topical expert

Agathe’s professional life has always been divided between the two worlds of business and culture

After History and literature education, she decided to study marketing which seemed much closer to everyday life and kept her passion for books, museums, theatre, and dance for spare time.

Having practised and taught marketing for a few years, she discovered the vivid contemporary art scene in London in the early 2000 and concluded that it was the best way to reconcile her passion for culture and contemporary concerns.

She organized talks and visits about contemporary art and cofounded Eidos art in London, a consultancy helping architects, promotors, and councils to work with artists in public art projects.

Moving to Italy where contemporary public art was not so familiar to the public, she proceeded to explain the purpose and nature of contemporary art to various audiences collaborating especially in company seminars to illustrate the potential connection between business topics and artworks in the prolific Italian context.

These experiences added to her conviction that artists have a critical role in economic life, acting not only as cultural agent but also as protagonists of progress!

Agathe also enlightened different groupings as to the necessity of a person acting as a translator and catalyst in this process, able to trigger collaboration between artists and their public.

On returning to Paris, she decided to identify artists and companies, combining the two by way of visits, talks and events for those who wished to discover contemporary art scene as a mirror of our society and a stimulus for creativity and inspiration.

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