Service Innovation Series: Mobility

User Experience in the heart of Mobility: would a service approach ease the pain of climate change?


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April 26, 2018: 17.00-19.00 (05.00-07.00 pm)
Launching Urban Mobility topic at first Round Table Event Episode

We are pround to welcome Barbara Fluegge, Freelance Consultant and Transformation coach as the chairwoman of the event.


She has profound expertise in ecosystems analysis, Internet of Things, Internet of Services and cross-industry digitization. Prior to her current role, Barbara held management positions within SAP Consulting, Ariba Inc. and Arthur Andersen Management Consulting. Her contributions reach out to local and international ecosystems. Barbara recently published Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone with Springer. She is also a recognized mentor. Barbara graduated in Information Management and Business Administration at the Otto Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany and holds a Ph.D. in Management and Economics from the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands. 



  1. Gain understanding why organizations with an innovative and reliable service offering become more measurable, profitable, and sustainable.
  2. Debate on the impact of new physical and digital consumption and experience channels in service creation
  3. Discover how setting the user experience in the heart of the mobility can ease the pain of climate change
  4. Connect with highly interesting people with know-how on Service Innovation and to enlarge your network


Brief Description

Incorporating services in an organization‘s product portfolio proved to become already in the past a critical success factor in various industries.Organizations with an innovative and reliable service offering become more measurable, profitable, and sustainable. Why is this?

New physical and digital consumption channels arise: internet, mobile / smart phone apps and wearables, kiosk systems and service machines in cities and rural areas, in business and event areas.

Service-to-go closes the distance. It provides greater reach to existing and new consumer groups, prospects, suppliers, and markets.

The Mobility as a Service thrives the whole transport industry as by 2030 MaaS global revenues is expected to exceed 1 billion $ (Source ABI Research).

Another interesting figure is over 200 million $ that the users will save through choosing multiple modes of transportation and services and also deliver emissions savings of 56 MtCO2. (Source: Frost & Sullivan).

For example in Finland in the urban areas the number of built parking spots within the apartment blocks is reduced and the construction companies propose a specific car sharing service to replace the need to own a car.

The user needs and the way they will be satisfied will define the success of MaaS taking that today 75% of current journeys have pain points, including parking delays and unreliable data connectivity. (Source: Transport Systems Catapult)


During the event episodes the following issues will be addressed:

  • Who are the service innovators? And how does service innovation work?

  • What does the service lifecycle look like?

  • Services as differentiators in business model innovation as for example user experience and how to measure service success?

  • One of the burning issues these days is climate change and the mobility. Would a service approach ease the pain?

Target Audience:

Innovation and R&D Directors, Business Development Managers, Strategy Directors, Marketing Managers

 Meeting Date(s) and schedule:

April 26 2018 , from 5.00 – 7.00 pm (Paris time)

Introducing Speakers:

Ilaria Riva, Global Marketing and Digital Manager, HUB Parking Technology

Ilaria Riva is an international marketing and business development leader with varied and diverse experience across multiple disciplines and a focus on  managing innovation projects in the digital domain and providing innovation-related services. She currently serves as Global Marketing and Digital Manager at HUB Parking Technology which offers a wide range of parking and mobility services to cities and end-users. Ilaria’s mission is to shape the future of personal mobility, offering customers and citizens services which improve their daily life and make a positive impact on communities.


Smart Solutions for a City Parking Ecosystem: how to improve the mobility experience of citizens

A smart parking program is a fundamental element in a smart city scenario. This presentation will help you gain insight into how innovative technology and services can give cities the power to make data driven decisions, improve efficiency and reduce traffic and pollution, while granting the citizens’ centricity and making the parking experience easier for them. Discover how advanced technological solutions can cohesively integrate into a holistic framework to improve the lives of communities.


Charles Poretz, Founder, Cyclez – Smart Move 

Passionate about new businesses that can change the future and bicycle, Charles founded Cyclez to provide quality services to B2B and organisations in the E-bike sector.
E-bikes are rapidly going to be a major actor of the change in the way we commute in large cities.
Cyclez offers innovative and smart companies a set of services: financing, fleet management, maintenance, insurance, consulting...



Episode 1:
Thursday April 26 2018, from 5 to 7 pm (17h00-19h00) Paris time

17.00-17.05 Welcome to Hyphenity by Marja-Liisa Pihlstrom
17.05-17.15 “Coffee” and Introductions by All participants
17.15-17.30 Focus on the topic: Barbara Fluegge, freelance Consultant and Transformation Coach
17.30-17.50 Speaker : Ilaria Riva, Global Marketing and Digital Manager, HUB Parking Technology
17.50-18.10 Speaker: Charles Poretz, Founder, Cyclez-Smart Move
18.10-18.40 Q&A and Discussion
18.40-18.50 Take Away Messages of the episode
18.50-19.00 Focus on the future episodes
19.00 End of the event






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